Filling machinery for the filling of varnishes, enamels, paints, solvents, lubricants, detergents and any other liquid substance.

CALV - Automatic volume packaging machine

Automatic volumetric packaging machine with pneumatic or electronic operation, suitable for packaging and closing wide-mouthed containers for liquid products such as paints, varnishes, water-based paints, glues and liquid substances in general, with

  • automatic feed of containers
  • volumetric feeder with capacity from 100 cc to 5000 cc
  • stainless steel product dispensing nozzle with anti-drip shut-off valve, easily removable for cleaning
  • lidding station (for plastic and/or metal lids), adjustable to various sizes, with automatic system that picks up lids from the warehouse and places them onto the container
  • automatic container closing station suitable for press-on lids


All CALV model packaging machines can be manufactured in ATEX version suited to environments posing a risk of explosion and/or fire.



  • through a hopper
  • by direct connection to a tank



  • motorised conveyors for inserting and/or storing containers
  • stainless steel product feeding hopper
  • various systems for closing containers
  • container orientation system for labelling or stamping


All our packaging machines can be tailored to the needs of each customer.


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